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Glucosamine Sulfate * Dietary Supplement

Glucosamine is an amino sugar typically formed in the body from glucose. It is the initiating point for the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), including hyaluronic acid. This dietary supplement is known to support the body’s connective tissue and joint functions. Studies have also shown Glucosamine to speed healing in wounds and controlled injuries such as CIT/ Micro-needling.

The rapid production of HA by Fibroblasts in the early stages of wound healing may be of crucial importance, as Hyaluronic acid stimulates the migration and mitosis of mesenchymal and epithelial cells. Increased levels of HA, observed during fetal wound healing, are also achieved by the topical application of HA during wound dressing, and are associated with quicker healing & reduced scarring. Glucosamine availability appears to be rate-limiting for Hyaluronic acid synthesis. Thus, oral administration of adequate amounts of Glucosamine during the first few days after surgery or trauma enhance Hyaluronic acid production in the wound, and promote swifter healing and fewer complications related to scarring.