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Cheeky Clean 90 Day Face Wash Challenge

It's that time of year again! Time to get back to a consistent skincare routine after a long summer. September 1st kicks off our 4th annual Face Wash Challenge 🎉

Join me and over 100 other face washers in this free, 90 day challenge that encourages you to create a healthy habit of washing your face every night before bed, helps you stop sleeping in makeup, sunscreen and daytime build-up, creates a lifetime habit that will stick long after the challenge is over, and gets your skin glowing like it's never been before.  

Receive a $10 coupon off a facial cleanser of your choice when you join the challenge. I'll also send you a Face Wash Tracker for you to keep track of your progress, either digitally or on paper (however you like best). 

The challenge is on an honor system and it's NOT pass or fail! If you miss a night or two, that's ok! Simply track your progress for every night you do wash your face, and when you reach 90 days you can sign and return your tracker for a special gift.

Ready to improve your skin, better your sleep and start your self care journey? Take the pledge and join the Cheeky Clean Face Wash Challenge here.