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Spring Service Specials

Spring Service Specials are available March and April 2022

Buff away dry skin, rough texture & dead skin cells to restore hydration for soft & silky skin that glows. Includes a hot towel wrap and relaxing massage from shoulder to fingertips. Can be added onto any SKINCARE service. $30
Brow trim & shape, wax & brow tint. Service includes a cooling under-eye collagen mask treatment & mini scalp massage. $42
A facial treatment for any woman who suffers from cystic acne, breakouts & constant skin changes due to hormonal fluctuations. An anti-inflammatory approach with encapsulated salicylic acid, phytoestrogens, green tea ice therapy, gua sha massage & blue light LED light therapy to kill acne causing bacteria, balance oil production, reduce swelling, increase lymphatic drainage, calm, soothe & accelerate healing. $165