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Cold Roller Ball

Ice Therapy is HOT 🔥

Also known as cold rolling, ice therapy is an effective way to treat acne & aging skin and is a trending practice in the skincare world used by Estheticians, Dermatologists and skincare professionals.

  • Instantly reduce inflammation & swelling
  • Soothe redness 
  • Eliminate puffiness, especially around the eye area
  • Reduce signs of aging & impart a healthy glow
  • Ease pain & discomfort from acne & breakouts

Simply store the Cold Roller Ball in the fridge or freezer so it's always ready. When needed apply to face, neck & decolleté in a rhythmic, circular motion for as long as needed. Wash the Cold Roller Ball with warm soapy water after each use. Towel dry before returning to fridge or freezer. Repeat ice therapy ritual as needed. 

*Ice therapy is especially soothing after a stimulating face masque, professional chemical peel or microneedling treatment, or to treat a sunburn, rash or breakout.