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Contour Blending Brush

Achieve a flawless tan every time with our Contour Blending Brush. This vegan kabuki brush is perfect for contouring, blending and buffing your self tanning solution for a smooth, even finish.


Bronzers, get ready to meet your new secret glow weapon. For a seriously flawless finish on your bronze, there’s no beating our Luna Bronze Contour Blending Brush.

Designed to be used on your face and body (because we LOVE a versatile tool), it’ll seamlessly blend in your tan, whether you’re after an all-over glow or some subtle bronzey contour. Plus, like all our LB glow goodies, it’s vegan and cruelty-free.

How to use

Whether you want to snatch your jawline, ensure the tan on your hands and feet are seamless, or simply blend Good Night Bronzing Serum into your hairline, the brush is designed to be used with all existing Luna Bronze products!


What can the Contour Blending Brush be used for? 

Our brush has been specially designed for use all over your body, and complements each of our tanning products. Whether you are contouring your cheekbones, snatching your jawline or blending your tanning mousse into your hands/feet, the brush ensures you get a seamless application time after time.

How do I wash my contour brush?

Rinse your brush under lukewarm water after each use, and leave sitting with the bristles facing down to dry.