How to Make Your Skincare Work Overtime for You

Tiffanie Orr

Here's a few easy tips and tricks to double-time the products you may already own.
Your Toner has Many Uses
You may think your toner is just that, to tone and balance the ph level of your skin, hydrate and assist in product absorption. While all of that is useful, you can also use your tonique (Neroli Age Corrective Hydrating Mist is a great choice) to set your makeup and keep it in place for the day while giving your complexion an added glow.
 If you tend to get oily throughout the day, turn to the Red Currant Mattifying Mist to mattify and control shine. Spritz several times a day on face and neck.
If you like your sun protection in powder form like Sun Defense Minerals Spf 30, use your tonique to set the minerals and provide water resistant protection up to 40 minutes. Apply your minerals 15-20 minutes prior to sun exposure, set with toner such as Stone Crop Hydrating Mist, and remember to reapply at least every 2 hours (or every 40 minutes if in the water).
Whatever your favorite product pick, throw it in your bag or purse for easy access. 
Eye Cream is not Just for Crow's Feet
If you're not using an eye cream already, you should be. An age corrective eye cream or serum such as the Neroli Age Corrective Eye Serum will fight the visible signs of aging around the delicate eye area. But why stop there? I love to also apply my eye cream to those dreaded parallel lines that tend to form between the eyebrows, commonly referred to as the "number 11's".  
Another targeted area of focus is the upper lip. Vertical lines tend to form in this area due to habits such as smoking (please don't smoke!) or drinking out of a straw. After applying your eye cream with your ring finger with light tapping motions, apply any extra product to the upper lip or between the brows for added age prevention or correction. 
Under-eye puffiness a problem? Look for an eye cream that contains caffeine, such as the Hibiscus Ultra Lift Eye Cream and keep your product in the fridge. Caffeine reduces puffiness and the look of dark under-eye circles while the coldness from the fridge tightens the skin, helping the eye area to appear firm and lifted. 
Moisturizer with SPF is not Just for Your Face
This may seem redundant, but it's a simple step that is often overlooked by my clients. When applying spf in the morning, use your face moisturizer for added protection on the backs of hands (sun spots on hands are extremely common), ears, neck, décolleté (upper chest and tops of shoulders), and tops of feet. These areas are hight spots on our bodies where UV rays constantly penetrate, resulting in high levels of hyperpigmentation, a constant breakdown of collagen and elasticity (wrinkles), and unfortunately the development of damaged skin cells (skin cancer). Opt for an all mineral spf that blocks out UV rays and protects your skin from the sun and environmental stressors like the Lilikoi Mineral Defense Moisturizer SPF 33.
Your Face Masque Can Double as a Sleep Treatment
Masques are one of the most important steps you can take in your beauty routine to see fast, visible changes in your skin. Face masques deliver high amounts of concentrated ingredients to help treat, moisturize and nourish the skin's appearance. One of my favorite ways to treat my skin is by sleeping in my face masque. A cream based masque such as the Clear Skin Probiotic Masque (perfect for problem skin) or the Bamboo Age Corrective Masque (age repair) can be applied to the skin in replace of your nighttime moisturizer, then rinsed clean with your favorite cleanser in the morning. 
Treat Ingrown Hairs with Your Exfoliant
Ingrown hairs along the bikini line caused by waxing or shaving are no fun, but can often be a common problem area for most. Ingredients such as salicylic acid, lactic acid, or an enzyme peel accelerate the exfoliation process to remove dead skin cells and help release trapped hairs.  Some of my favorite exfoliants I recommend for the bikini area are the Clear Skin Willow Bark Exfoliating Peel, the Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant, or the Yam and Pumpkin Enzyme Peel 5%.  A good rule of thumb is to exfoliate this problem area as often as you exfoliate the skin on your face, 2-3 times per week. Caution: Skin will be more sensitive to the sun after exfoliation, so remember to apply sunscreen appropriately prior to sun exposure.
Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle. Try to stay consistent with your skincare routine, where spf daily, and wash your face every night. 
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