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Sweet Cheeks PROM 2023

Sweet Cheeks PROM 2023

Another prom is in the books! 🎉 And let me tell you, it was a night to remember with over 70 amazing women from the Salmon, Idaho community and beyond in attendance. Dressed up or down, dance-goers and guests filled the dance hall to the max and boogied the evening away well into the midnight hours. Good music, food & drinks, a red carpet, hollywood style paparazzi photos, a magical venue, and best of all? Sisterhood & community, that's what prom is all about. 


This year we decided we needed a bigger venue space as last year we were at max capacity at the Salmon Grange Hall. Sweet Cheeks Prom 2023 took place at the historical McNutt Building on Main Street in Salmon, owned by Diamond F Brand LLC. Locals will know this spot as the old McPherson's building and old timers & historical buffs will also know this building housed Lemhi County's first ever Courthouse. Entry to the old dance hall lives between current businesses Mountain Harvest Community Market and Goodenow Designs Jewelery Store.


Red doors open to the grand staircase leading directly to the dance hall. Dylan Brewer from Peony Lane was hired to decorate this venue and turn an old building built in 1901 into a magical space that women would love. And boy did he nail it!


Guests climbed the two story staircase adorned with twinkly lights and lit candles and walked the red carpet that led to the double doored dance hall where prom was held. Upon entry, ladies spotted the Sweet Cheeks treatment room lighted sign, You're Like Really Pretty which cast a pink glow & served as a gentle reminder that each woman in attendance absolutely deserved to be in the space. 


Perfectly placed tables & chairs for sitting, cushy couches for lounging, and a buffet of charcuterie style finger foods, yummy cake pops & cupcakes by Cakes by Kayla, fruit filled wine on tap and a chest of assorted drinks on ice. Dylan thought of everything down to pink tapestries hung along the walls to cover what couldn't be moved, flowers and candles assorted throughout the hall, and a pink balloon arch. It was perfect. 


One of my favorite parts about prom is having Annette Lewis from Bellanet Photography in attendance to capture ladies dressed in their best and create lasting memories for us all.

We had a "hollywood style" step & repeat backdrop complete with the Sweet Cheeks Waxing and Skincare logo and a pink balloon arch. Annette was able to capture beautiful snaps of most guests and groups of friends as well as action shots on the dance floor. See some of her amazing work from prom night here



At 8:00 pm sharp, guests started filing in just as our DJ, Alexis Keller was getting the tunes going. I gave a quick welcome and shared my gratitude for everyone's attendance. As I looked into the crowd, it was hard not to get emotional seeing all the beautiful women before my eyes who support this dream of mine.

Lexi hosted our music last year and I know second year prom goers were happy to see her friendly face once again. What I love about Lexi is how she can hype any crowd by leading fun dances such as The Shuffle yet she isn't afraid to also get out there and free dance with the rest of us. Her energy is fun, positive and welcoming. 

Throughout the evening, guests voted for Best Of 
in categories Best Dressed, Best Dancer and Miss Congeniality. Winners took home skincare swag bags filled with Éminence Organic Skincare & more. 

Can I share something with you? The idea of an adult, ladies only prom is a hard one to market and accept for some. It's a relatively new concept, but more that anything it requires most to step outside of their comfort zones and show up to an event that isn't 100% known or expected, let alone not know who exactly will be there and what the overall vibe is going to be. It can be hard to join into a crowd of women and put yourself out there, especially in a small town. 

Can I share something else with you? This event is a little selfish on my part. More than anything, I LOVE to dress up and sing and dance and there just isn't that many (basically zero) opportunities to do that as an adult. As women, we get so busy being mothers, partners, going to work day in and day out that it gets so easy to lose ourselves in the day to day. Adulthood can get lonely, even when we're surrounded by the ones we love. That's why I felt called to create this event. One night a year for women to join in no matter who you are or what your history is and party the night away in a safe, friendly & welcoming environment. 

At Sweet Cheeks, we lead the women of our community to love their skin from the inside out, practice self-care and promote friendship and lead with love & an open heart, always. It's so much more than skincare and waxing.
Sweet Cheeks Prom is an opportunity for women to dress up, go out with their girls and dance the night away without the worry of judgement, drama or stress. 
The coolest part about the night? There were so many diverse groups of women, friends and cliques (and lots of new faces I've never met). EVERYONE welcomed one another with kindness & grace. I'm so proud of all the women who came to prom (dressed up or down) and were able to let loose and have a great time. 
I think it's so important to recognize the women of our amazing community and give them a shoutout for being leaders & influencers for good. My mindset has always been and will always remain, community over competition.
By popular demand, this event is now a tradition and will be a yearly event forevermore held the Friday night before high school prom in April. If you know of a woman such as your wife, mom, daughter, sister, neighbor, co-worker, friend, etc. or it's YOU who wants to attend this event but may feel hesitant or self-conscious, please help encourage her. She may need a gentle push, but I promise she'll have the time of her life.
Mark your calendars ladies, Sweet Cheeks Prom 2024 is already in the works and is going to be bigger & better than ever. 

xo Tiffanie and the Sweet Cheeks Team

Did you attend this year's prom? I'd love to hear your testimony about the night in the comments below. Please share! You can see all the pictures from this year's prom in the Sweet Cheeks VIP  group on Facebook. 
* Special thanks to Adrienne Anderson, Patti Cook, Krissy Frietas, Dylan Brewer, Annette Lewis, Alexis Keller (and dance crew), and the many behind the scenes people who helped make this event such a success. 




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