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Teen Skin: The Basics

Teen Skin: The Basics

Teenagers are a force to be reckoned with, but their skin doesn't have to be. It's never too soon to start your kiddo out on a skincare regimen and in my opinion the sooner the better.

Do keep in mind that they've more than likely been using just plain water (or bar soap or shampoo) to wash their little faces up until this point and they have no idea what they should or shouldn't be doing. Also, their brains are already on overload with school, friends, sports, etc so overwhelming them with too much too soon is going to lead to frustration and inconsistency. Basic is better.

When it comes to getting your teen or tween on a skincare routine my biggest recommendation is to KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Start out basic and get your kiddo in the habit of washing their face EVERY NIGHT and applying a moisturizer with sunscreen EVERY DAY. If you're starting to see little signs of hormone fluctuations in their sweet faces like pimples and blackheads don't stress. You'll be so surprised at how quickly things will clear up if they start using professional grade product CONSISTENTLY. Once their daily routine becomes a habit you can then implement other products to help treat acne, hormone imbalances, etc. Introduce new products slowly and preach ROUTINE, ROUTINE, ROUTINE. 

My second biggest tip to help them succeed is to lead by example. If you're washing your face every night and applying spf consistently they will be more than likely to do the same. On the contrary, if you sleep in your makeup and are lax about your own skincare routine, they will be more than likely to do just as you do. Help them learn healthy skin habits like washing hands before touching their face, changing pillow cases & bedsheets often and wiping down phones and tablets daily to kill germs and bacteria. Make it fun and try doing your skincare routine together! Enlist your teen to do daily check-ins with you so it's not just you as a parent preaching and scolding 24/7. Sign up to do the 90 Day Face Wash Challenge together and make it a competition, or do a family masque night like on #masquemonday

Based on how your teen's skin runs, below is a list of cleanser + moisturizer combos for starting their skincare journey. Remember, routine and consistency are everything!

Normal to Oily Skin Types

Normal to Combination Skin Types
Normal Skin with Minor Breakouts
Normal, Dry or Sensitive SkinTypes 


Be patient with your teen and remember changes in the skin and daily habits don't happen overnight. Make things fun and keep it simple. 

xo Tiffanie

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