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Tips for Getting a Perfect Color Match

Tips for Getting a Perfect Color Match


The wrong shade of color can make even the most beautiful skin look off. Too light of a shade will make you look pale or ghost-like, and too dark a shade can give you a terrible makeup line that can stand out across a room. The goal is to find a shade that fits your skin tone so perfect, you don't even see the makeup on your skin. Here are a few of my tips for getting a perfect color match.

1. Come with clean, freshly exfoliated skin

Arrive to your color match appointment with a fresh face. This way your esthetician can see your skin as a whole, analyze your undertones, and not have to layer a new shade of foundation or powder over any makeup you have on or compete with existing colors. Also, by exfoliating the day or two before your appointment, you reveal softer & smoother skin that will produce a better foundation application. 

2. Wear a crisp, white t-shirt and gold or silver jewelry

By wearing a white or light colored shirt or sweater, your esthetician will be able to  determine your skin's natural skin tone and undertones.

If you are a warm base, you typically have gold/yellow undertones, have green/olive veins, prefer gold jewelry, and can typically tan in the sun. 

If you are a cool base, you typically have more pink/red undertones, silver jewelry looks great on your skin, you have blue or purplish veins and are (or can be) more prone to sunburn. 

If you have neutral skin, you more than likely fall somewhere in the middle. You can wear gold or silver jewelry, you have have blue-green veins, and you can wear either warm or cool tones or try a neutral base with no undertones at all.  

3. Match to your neck, not your face

When I'm color matching a client, I always start at the neck. The neck is generally one shade lighter than the rest of the face, so by color matching the neck we can avoid going too dark and prevent that tacky makeup line along the jaw. 

4. Test your new shade in different lighting

You know how you do your makeup in the bathroom and it looks great, but then you walk outside and it looks too light or dark or you have major makeup lines you swear weren't there before leaving the house? Before making a final decision on your new shade of makeup, examine your skin in natural lighting. Stand next to a window or even go outside to look. Light can play tricks and it's important to test your shade in artificial lighting (inside) as well as natural lighting (outside). 

5. Account for the change of seasons

You more than likely will need two different shades of foundation throughout the year. Even if you are a religious SPF wearer, your skin more than likely gets darker in the summer months and will need a darker shade. And on the contrary, colder seasons like fall and winter has us outside less which means less UV ray exposure and a lighter skin tone. Don't be afraid to adjust your makeup shade to how your skin changes throughout the seasons. 

Are you wearing the right shade of foundation? Do you need a color match? You can schedule a complimentary color match appointment with any Sweet Cheeks team member by following the link below. We'd love to see you.

xo Tiffanie

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