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Why You Should Be Double Cleansing; A Nighttime Cleansing Ritual

Why You Should Be Double Cleansing; A Nighttime Cleansing Ritual

By now you probably know you should wash your face every night before bed (and hopefully you DO wash your face every night before bed!) But is one quick wash and rinse really enough? Let's dive in...

Here's the thing, one face wash removes the outer layer from the day such as makeup, SPF, sweat, dirt, and accumulated oils. Removing that outer layer is GREAT, but how is your skin getting clean without a second cleanse to really clear out pores and deep clean the tissue without all of the other gunk standing in the way? A double cleanse is exactly as it sounds. Washing your face twice in a row and generally only necessary at night. The double cleansing method ensures everything from your day is removed and effectively cleans your skin to prep it for your nighttime skincare routine. 

How to Double Cleanse

Step 1 Pre-Cleanse: Start with a cleansing oil or cleansing balm. 1 pump (or about a quarter size) into dry hands and work into dry skin until it's evenly spread. Add a few drops of water as needed to melt away eye makeup and pull everything away from the surface of the skin. Rinse clean (no need to dry yet).

Remember, oil attracts oil so the cleansing oil (or balm) will essentially PULL the oils away from the skin.  View my favorite cleansing oil here.

*Note Any leftover makeup will be removed during the second cleanse.

Step 2 Cleanse: Come in with your regular facial cleanser (about a dime sized to nickel sized amount depending on cleanser type). Your hands and face will be wet from rinsing your oil cleanser which is perfect to emulsify and work the cleanser into a lather.

Spend at least 60 seconds really working your cleanser into the facial tissue, focusing on all areas including the hairline, eyebrows, delicate eye area, sides and corners of nose, around the mouth, in front of and behind the ears, chin, jawline and neck. Don't forget your décolleté (chest) needs cleansed and treated too!

Rinse clean. Be sure you're rinsing well enough that all product is removed. Pat your skin dry with a clean hand towel. There should be very little to no makeup or dirt residue on your clean hand towel after using the double cleansing method.


I love this visual review from Sweet Cheeks VIP member Crystal...

"Thought I would share the benefits of a double cleanse.
I didn't wear any makeup today. The picture on the left is after a single cleanse. Although there isn't can still see dirt. The one on the right is after my second cleanse...clean.
Keep this in mind if you're contemplating double cleansing 😉 Even with no makeup, your face still needs washed nightly."
A few things to keep in mind...
If your'e oily or have acne prone skin, the idea of an oil cleanser might scare the hell out of you. Don't let it! Most oil cleansers are formulated with non pore clogging ingredients but definitely check the ingredient label if you're concerned. Stay away from comedogenic ingredients such as coconut oil. And remember, oil ATTRACTS oil. As long as you're following your oil cleanser with your regular facial cleanser, you'll be just fine.
If you don't have an oil cleanser in your skincare lineup you can still double cleanse. Use 2 different facial cleansers OR use your regular face wash for back to back cleanses if you only have 1 cleanser. 
Pro Tips:
  • Wash your hands before washing your face or touching your skin
  • Use a clean hand towel every time. This includes a clean wash cloth or microfiber cleansing cloth
  • Face Wash Cuffs are a helpful tool at keeping water from running down your arms 

So how about it? Will you implement the double cleansing method into your nighttime cleansing routine? I challenge you to try this method for one week and see if you see improvement and/or notice a difference in your skin. 

xo Tiffanie


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