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Spring Service Specials




 Tropical Smoothie Facial + Dermaplane: Enhance your Springtime glow by removing the dryness of Winter and replenishing your skin with potent-rich botanicals and tropical superfoods for the skin. This "skin smoothie" will remove dull, tired skin while preparing for sunny days ahead.


Clarifying Bacial: A clarifying back facial for anyone who suffers from back-ne, breakouts or clogged pores. Treatment includes steam therapy, hot towels, extractions and ice therapy.

Tropical Himalayan Salt Stone Body Treatment: Mineral rich pink Himalayan salt smooths the skin while increasing blood flow to soothe & treat sore muscles and release tension throughout the body. Tropical oils enhance hydration for supple, glowing skin from head to toe. Induce relaxation, release stress and rejuvenate the entire body.

Solo Buccal Massage: A technique that combines traditional facial massage with intra-oral massage (inside the mouth) to treat TMJ pain, relax jaw and muscle tension, lift, tone & sculpt the cheeks, stimulate lymph drainage and detoxification.