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How to Get the Most Out of Your Facial Cleanse Using a Cream Cleanser

How to Get the Most Out of Your Facial Cleanse Using a Cream Cleanser

Sweet Cheeks VIP member Jennifer prompted this blog post when she asked a question in our Facebook group the other day. Jennifer asked if it works better to use a cream cleanser on dry skin, and if so how does one work this in when double cleansing? I've learned that if one person is wondering something, chances are more are wondering the exact same thing. Such a great question that I would love to help clarify.

If you've ever used a cream cleanser and felt as if it didn't properly cleanse your skin as well as a typical gel or foam cleanser does, I'm going to go out on a limb and say you didn't use the cream cleanser properly 😬. Cream cleansers work just as good (if not better for some skin types) then other typical cleansers.

Let me break it down for you step by step on how to properly use a cream cleanser so it works FOR you, not against you or worse, leave you feeling like you didn't get an accurate cleanse. 

You'll also find this method will help stretch your cream cleanser farther instead of feeling like you're wasting product.

First, let's clarify what a cream cleanser actually is. A cream cleanser contains emulsifiers and natural oils to lock in moisture while eliminating impurities and helping keep your skin's natural lipid barrier intact. Cream cleansers are excellent for dry skin types, dehydrated skin, sensitive skin and aging and mature skin. 

Step by step instruction on incorporating a cream cleaner into your double cleanse routine:

Step 1: 

  • Start with a cleansing oil to remove makeup, sunscreen, dirt, sweat, oils and bacteria that have accumulated throughout the day.

  • 1 pump (about a quarter size) cleansing oil on dry hands worked into dry face and skin. Focus on the eye area, eyebrows and face & neck. Add a few drops of water to emulsify and continue to breakdown any makeup or daytime residue. Rinse, rinse, rinse clean.

Before rinsing, the cleansing oil breaks down mascara and eye makeup and pulls foundation and sunscreen away from the surface of the skin.

Step 2: 

  • Using a clean hand towel, pat skin dry (even if there's still residue).
  • Dry hands as well. 

After rinsing my first cleanse. There's still a tiny bit of makeup residue under my eyes and that's ok, I'll get that with my second cleanse. Don't forget to dry skin after this step with a clean hand towel if using a cream cleaner 👌


Step 3: 

  • 1 pump cream cleanser (or about a nickel size) on dry hands worked into dry skin until face and neck is covered. Cream cleanser will start to absorb like a moisturizer, this is what you're looking for and as soon as this happens, you can move onto the next step.

1 pump Monoi Age Corrective Exfoliating Cleanser on dry hands and dry face. 

  • Add a few drops of water to emulsify the cream cleanser. This activates your cream cleanser and helps it get to work.
  • Continue to work the cream cleanser into the entire face and neck as well as the hairline, eyes & eyebrows, edges of nose and edges of mouth and the jawline for at least 60 seconds. 
  • Rinse, rinse, rinse until clean and all cleanser and residue is removed. 

After rinsing my second cleanse. Skin is nice and clean and ready for the remainder of my skincare routine.

Step 4:

  • Pat dry with a clean hand towel. If using the same hand towel used after your first cleanse, make sure you use the opposite side that's still clean.

 A couple things to try or keep in mind when using a cream cleanser...

  1. Always remember to start with dry hands and dry skin, even if that means using a towel to dry your face and neck in between double cleansing or before applying cream cleanser.
  2. If it feels like your skin isn't getting clean enough, try using more cream cleanser than what you'd typically use when using a regular gel or foam cleanser. 
  3. Add a few drops of water AFTER your cream cleanser is worked into your skin to activate and emulsify. 

Some of my favorite cream cleansers include:

Lemon Grass Cleanser

A hypoallergenic cream cleanser for sensitive or dehydrated skin.

Monoi Age Corrective Exfoliating Cleanser

Wash away impurities, remove surface debris for smooth, lifted & rejuvenated skin.

Calm Skin Chamomile Cleanser

Calming cream cleanser excellent for sensitive skin prone to redness.

Mangosteen Daily Resurfacing Cleanser

Milky gel formula gently resurfaces to slough off dead skin without manual exfoliation. While this cleanser is not a typical cream cleanser, it still works best to be used like a cream cleanser with dry hands on dry skin. Once worked into the skin, the cleanser will become sticky and this will be your prompt to add a few drops of water to then activate and emulsify. The cleanser formula will turn into a sudsy milk and effectively clean the face before rinsing. 

The key to using any skincare product is to find the sweet spot so your skincare can effectively do it's job and work for you, not against you. Once you find that sweet spot while using a cream facial cleanser, you'll actually LOVE how much more effective it is at cleansing your skin and you'll be able to help your expensive skincare product last longer as well. 

xo Tiffanie


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