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Prom Pics Are Here!

Prom Pics Are Here!

In April 2022 we hosted our first ever Sweet Cheeks Ladies Night Prom and it was a huge success! This event was a way for us to celebrate 10 amazing years of business while also helping bring awareness to April's Sexual Assault Awareness Month. With over 60 guests in attendance, we partied the night away and raised over $2000 that was donated to the Mahoney House in Salmon to help support their efforts for local victims of sexual assault. And we finally have pictures to share thanks to our talented photographer Annette Lewis from Bellanet Photography. 

Even if you didn't attend Prom, you'll love taking an inside peek at the beautiful venue Dylan Brewer from Paulette's created at the Salmon Grange Hall, the delicious food spread by Shannon Weaver, and all of the gorgeous ladies who danced their hearts out all night long. 

If you did attend Ladies Night Prom and you see a picture of yourself feel free to save and share on social media. We just ask that you give proper credit to our photographer by tagging her - @bellanetphotography and we'd love a shoutout too! Tag @sweetcheekswaxingskincare on Instagram or Facebook. 

Pictures are not in order or in groups, so make sure you scroll all the way through as there are several snaps scattered throughout 😉.


The beautiful venue by Paulette's at the Salmon Grange Hall

The most delicious food catered by Shannon Weaver

Cheers to 10 years of business!

Dylan made the prettiest pearl bracelets for each guest adorned with a 10 in pink and teal blue - 10 representing a decade in business, pink for Sweet Cheeks and teal for April's Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The thoughtfulness and details that went into this were everything. 

Voting table for Best Dressed, Best Dance Moves, and Prom Queen.

Champagne Bar.

Neon pink sign to remind everyone of their beauty, both inside and out.

Poppin' the champagne!

Beautiful balloon arch as part of the photo booth backdrop.

Tiffanie Orr, owner of Sweet Cheeks Waxing and Skincare.

Tiffanie and Reegan Lamoure

Reegan Lamoure, owner of Rusty Rose Skincare and Body Work and Sweet Cheeks Esthetician

The man behind the vision of our Ladies Night Prom venue Dylan Brewer, owner of Paulette's and Peony Lane Decorating Services. 

Dylan and Krissy Freitas, helper extraordinaire.

Tiffanie and Sweet Cheek's assistants Kayla Morgan and Tia Matthews.

The two best assistants in the world.

Laralee Edsall and Michelle Smith.

Laralee Edsall

Michelle Smith

Tiffanie and Alexis Keller

Alexis Keller, our awesome DJ for the evening who brought the fun music and dance moves.

Props for the photo booth.

Jean Bishop

Dylan and Jean.

Photo booth props and "Best Of" sashes for the winners designed by MmmKay Creations.

Carol Lipinski.

Mother & daughter, Tiffanie and Stephanie.

My gorgeous mama, Stephanie Roach.

Sisters! Tiffanie and Tera.

Mom and daughters.

Tera VanZuyen Durbrow.

This mother daughter duo came all the way from Pahsimeroi Valley and dressed to the 9's for the special celebration.

Through the camera lens, I love this candid shot of Krystall Logan.

Krystall Logan.

The Krystals.

Krystall Logan and Crystal Jackson.

Besties, April Heath, Crystal Jackson and Krystall Logan.

Crystal Jackson.

Darcy Jackson.

Just a beautiful mama and her gorgeous girls, Emmy Jackson, Darcy Jackson and Victoria Wilcox.

This girl has dance moves that impress, Victoria Wilcox. 

Voted Best Dancer, MJ aka Emmy Jackson

This group of gals are tight! Shelbie, Sara, Tia, Alicia and Tiana.

Sara William and Tia Johnson.

Tiana Shefts.

Tara Ealand.

Shelbie and Sara.

Shelbie Nitzel.

Voted Best Dressed, Tia Johnson.

That tiara was gorgeous.

Hailey, Alysha, Lacey and Kyrsten.

Hailey Keen.

Kyrsten Jensen.

Lacey Lanning.

Alysha Porter.

Hailey Keen.

Daughter and mother, Krissy and April.

Kyrsten Jensen.


Silliness! Janoa, Tiffanie, Kathy and Stephanie.

Krissy Freitas.

Janoa Parde, Tiffanie Orr, Kathy Austin and Stephanie Roach.

Krissy and Crystal.

Tina Detloff and Heidi Semmler.

Laralee and Tiffanie.

Tina and Heidi. 

Tiffanie and Crystal.

Cheers! Krystall, Darcy and Crystal.

Adrienne and Tiffanie.

Adrienne Anderson, Sweet Cheeks Esthetician.

Tara and Carol.

April and Crystal.

Holly Roach.

Patti Schwind and Keri Burley.

Kortne Cockrell and Jaycee Lane.

Kortne Cockrell.

Stephanie, Tiffanie, Holly and Tera.

 Sarah Gilmer.

Sarah and Marti.

Kortne Cockrell.

Sara Anderson, Marti Nelson and Sarah Gillmer.

Mother daughter duo Sara and Adrienne.

Mother daughter duo Holly and Tina.

The Mahoney House ladies Karlee Boese and Aspen Arnold.

Mother daughter duo Keri Burley and Mikalah Rosin.

Beautiful ladies Tiana, Adrienne, Jackie, Kayla, Morgan, Hannah and Mikalah.

Shannon Weaver and Hannah Myers.

On the dance floor.

Mari Bryant, Mary Anderson, 

DJ Alexis hyping the crowd with dance moves.

Such a fun group of girls!

Alexis Keller, Alyssa Bird, Whitney Harrington, Katelyn Bills and Madison Silcock.

Jaycee and Crystal.

These ladies had another engagement earlier in the evening and crashed Prom late but still showed up and made a generous donation! Alison Steen, Leah Wade, Jill Peterson and Willow Griffith.

Tiffanie and Courtney.

Courtney Davis traveled all the way from Rigby, Idaho just for Ladies Night Prom!

Karlee, Tiffanie and Aspen.

Karlee Boese, counseling director for the Mahoney House.

On the dance floor. 

Best Dressed Tia Johnson, Prom Queen Tiffanie Orr and Best Dancer Emmy Jackson.

April Heath.

Sara Anderson.

Marti Hall. 

Sarah Gilmer.

Hailey and Kyrstan. 

Dylan and Jaycee.

Tia Johnson.

One of the only photos of our photographer who spent the night behind the camera, Annette Lewis and Tiffanie Orr.

Baby Abigail's first Prom! 

Stephanie, Tera, Abigail and Tiffanie.

Kisses! Kayla and Mikalah.

The Dream Team! Adrienne, Dylan, Annette, Tiffanie and Reegan.

Sweet Cheeks Estie Besties - Adrienne, Tiffanie and Reegan.

Holly, Courtney, Kathy and Janoa.

Our amazing caterer Shannon Weaver with Tiffanie Orr. 

Do you have FOMO yet? You should! Dylan and I are already planning next year's Ladies Night Prom and it's going to be bigger and better yet! Until next year, we'll keep this night on repeat. 

xo Tiffanie

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Stephanie Roach

Oh my gosh these pictures are terrific! Thank you Tiffanie for hosting this super fun night! Also what a way to celebrate your 10 year Anniversary by bringing attention and raising donations for April Sexual Assault Awareness month for the Mahoney House here in Salmon.
I can’t wait for next year’s event I had so much fun celebrating with you and everyone who attended! I danced my feet off that night! Happy Anniversary Sweets Cheeks Waxing and Skincare and Tiffanie Orr!

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