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Double Cleansing Tips & Tricks

Double Cleansing Tips & Tricks

Double Cleansing Tips & Tricks

By now you should be well educated on the basic importance of washing your face every night before bed. But are you double cleansing your skin? ūü§Ē Let's talk about HOW to properly double cleanse, WHY you should be double cleansing and WAYS to make the skincare practice easy & effective.¬†

What is double cleansing exactly? 

Double cleansing is the act of washing and rinsing your face twice in a row at night, preferably with an oil based cleanser + regular face wash. This skincare ritual only needs to be done at night due to the fact that extra impurities accumulate throughout the day. 

Why is it important to double cleanse?

During the day our skin accumulates sweat, dirt, oils, environmental stressors & free radicals. Not to mention the products we apply to our skin such as makeup, sunscreenÔĽŅ and other skincare products. These are all things that¬†contribute to accelerated aging and skin damage if not removed nightly. The key is making sure we are removing everything in the most effective manner so our skin can rest, renew and repair while we sleep.

The first cleanse, also known as a "pre-cleanse" actually removes THE DAY from our skin. "The day" consists of external daily forces such as makeup, sunscreen, sweat, dirt, oils & bacteria. By removing this outer layer first, we are doing the prep work so our actual facial cleanser can do it's job effectively.

The second cleanse is the step that actually CLEANS. This step is usually done with a simple gel, cream, foam or milk based cleanser to deep clean pores and remove any leftover traces of makeup, sunscreen or daily impurities. 

How to double cleanse...

The act of double cleansing is much simpler than it may seem, and when it comes down to it can be done with ANY facial cleanser. Let's break it down ‚§ĶÔłŹ

Step 1:¬†ÔĽŅUsing an oil based cleanser (preferred method) start with dry hands and skin. Use 1 pump oil and work into dry skin, eyes, brows, neck and decolett√© until evenly distributed. Add a few drops of water as needed to help emulsify while the oil works to melt¬†away impurities.¬†

Step 2: Using a regular facial cleanser, work the wash into all areas such as face, neck, eyes, eyebrows, hairline, around the nose and edges of the mouth, neck  & decoletté. 

I love this double cleansing testimony from Sweet Cheeks VIP Crystal. As you can see in the picture below she shows a visual representation of dirt & debris left behind after not double cleansing her skin. 

Ways to double cleanse effectively...

ÔĽŅ1. Pick your products wisely

You can double cleanse with any regular face wash.. All you have to do is use your regular cleanser to wash & rinse your face twice in a row.

Using an oil cleanser is the preferred double cleansing method since oil attracts oil, therefore an oil based cleanser not only melts away stubborn eye makeup (even waterproof), it also attracts & pulls everything away from the surface of the skin in order to rinse clean. 

My top oil cleanser recommendation for all skin types is the Stone Crop Cleansing Oil.

  • It's non-comedogenic meaning it will not clog pores or contribute to acne & breakouts.
  • It contains skin soothing key ingredients such as sunflower & jojoba oils, stone crop & detoxifying microgreens to help brighten, reduce redness, protect & soothe.¬†
  • It's not oily or greasy.
  • It's not made from harmful oil byproducts.¬†
  • Voted top 10 bestseller in 2021.

2. Accessories help

A great addition to double cleansing is¬†to add simple accessories that make this process & life so much better ūü§Į

    • Face Wash Cuffs: A pair of cuffs for your wrists to keep water from dripping down your arms while cleansing your face. Keeps your sleeves dry and drips off of the counter. Machine washable.


    • Pamper Puffs:¬†Reusable sponges used to wipe away facial cleanser, face masques and any skincare products.¬†¬†

    • Sweet Rounds: Reusable, bamboo¬†cotton rounds that get softer with every wash. Great for removing eye makeup & cleansing around the delicate eye area, removing facial cleanser, applying peel or toner solutions, or anything you would use a regular cotton round with.

Are you ready to start double cleansing? Here are a few things to remember...

    • You only need to double cleanse at night, before applying your nighttime skincare routine. It's not necessary to wash & rinse your face twice UNLESS you skipped your nighttime face wash & slept in "the day".
    • Remember that nighttime is a time for our skin to rest, restore & renew. That's why it's important to apply corrective skincare products after double cleansing. Learn more about corrective skincare practices & routines here.¬†
    • Consistency over everything else. The best thing you can do for your skin is implement healthy & CONSISTENT practices.¬†
    • There is no such thing as perfect skin. The goal is healthy skin ūüíĮ.

xo Tiffanie, the Skin Queen 



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