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I have so much to tell you...

I have so much to tell you...

I am a steady force of love and encouragement who shares my abundance with intention.

It's funny, I've had ideas and aspirations on my heart for so long, long enough they've felt like a faraway destination or distant memory. Dreams so big they felt scary and unreachable because I viewed myself as unworthy or incapable or because I had the idea in my head that when I someday reached X, then I could start to work on Y & Z. How silly of me. 

It wasn't until recently that I've been blessed to realize the value in vision work, emotional attachments and identity. That part of my journey isn't what this is about, but it has played a big role in realizing WHO I AM and putting her to work so I can live a beautiful life. I have a vision of where I am headed and my beautiful life is already unfolding in front of me. Let me tell you all about it. 

Sweet Cheeks is expanding

You may have heard some rumors flying around town about Tiffanie buying a building, Sweet Cheeks possibly moving to a bigger space and who knows what else I'm sure. Well, as the rumor mill has it and in typical rumor fashion, only bits and pieces are true. 

No, I did not buy a building or the building Sweet Cheeks is in, yet. No, we are not moving to a bigger building or space, yet. That is all I will say on that because frankly, it's no ones business and it doesn't actually matter because no matter what, we are here to serve you no matter where we are located. Thank you. 

Yes, we are expanding into the suite currently next door to Sweet Cheeks. You know the infamous pink wall? Say bye bye because she's coming down soon. I've been lovingly referring to our expansion as "The Summer Project" because she's turned into a slightly bigger project than initially planned, but it's all good and it's going to be SO good when it's all said and done. When finished, we will have twice as much room as we do now! We are so excited and we can't wait for you to see it when it's done. Should we have re-grand opening to celebrate?!

Our Sweet Cheeks Team has grown

Welcome Kelsey Austin, Licensed Cosmetologist and owner of Fox Den Salon. Kelsey is joining our team as our lead Makeup Artist and we are so excited to have her offering professional makeup for brides & wedding parties, photo shoots and more. Kelsey has a true passion for makeup artistry and she knows how to create any cosmetic look desired that will stay ALL DAY. She has a true gift and Salmon is lucky to have her.

Welcome Chloe Koncz, certified Hollow Needle Piercer now offering ear and nostril piercing at Sweet Cheeks. Chloe comes to us as a passionate young woman who is just so excited for her new venture. Her first full day of piercings was Saturday, June 17th and she was on fire all day long!

Here's what Chloe has to say...

"I'm Chloe Taylor and I recently learned the art of piercing and I'm just really looking forward to pursuing something I'm genuinely interested in. I've lived in Salmon on and off the past 10 years and I feel like it'll always be my home base. Right now I feel really happy to be here. This life has pulled me in a million different directions so far, but pretty much everything I've ever been drawn to has been based in creativity and self expression. I love to draw, make handcrafted jewelry. I love all things mystic, gardening, painting, sewing, writing, I love to sing and just to enjoy my time with my favorite people. A goal I've had in mind this past year has been to create a work environment for myself that I enjoy showing up to and one that feels in alignment with where I want to be as well as who I want to be. All this feels like it falls perfectly in with that journey and I'm just really looking forward to getting started."

A few of the piercings Chloe performed recently.

Follow Chloe on Instagram here

We are so grateful for both Kelsey and Chloe to be a part of the Sweet Cheeks family and I'm personally feeling extra thankful to be able to offer them both space to flex their individual creativity and enrich the lives of all of our clients who need them in their lives too.

At Sweet Cheeks, we are a team and it's so much more than just skincare. 

Sweet Cheeks goes to the backcountry

Our very own Adrienne Anderson, Licensed Esthetician at Sweet Cheeks has embarked on a week long journey in the backcountry to pamper and puff over 20 women from around the country who retreat to the Flying B Ranch for an exclusive, once in a lifetime women's trip. Adrienne packed up the treatment room and skincare supplies and will be blessing these women with her amazing facials and massage moves all week long where undoubtedly she will build new connections and meaningful relationships, step outside of her comfort zone to grow and flourish and come back renewed and bloomed. Adrienne was meant for this opportunity and I believe in her abilities, strength and quiet yet strong sense of inner power with my whole heart. 

If you've been lucky enough to see Adrienne for skincare services in the Sweet Cheeks treatment room, please know and understand how privileged we all are to have her. Adrienne cares deeply about her clients and her work. She is special. 

Sweet Cheeks is getting married

No not really, but Reegan is! Reegan LaMoure, Licensed Esthetician and part-time Sweet Cheeks skincare provider is getting hitched! I've watched Reegan grow and flourish as an esthetician and business owner the past 2 years and now watching her embark on her journey to marriage and beyond has been really fun to watch from the sidelines. Reegan has always been ambitious, driven and extremely thorough in her work and I have no doubt the amazing things that are in store for her. We are so lucky to have Reegan as part of our Sweet Cheeks Team and I'm always grateful for her dedication, advice and support. When you see Reegan, make sure to give her a BIG congratulations!

I am a steady force of love and encouragement who shares my abundance with intention. Abundance holds a lot of meaning to me, and I've realized I hold an abundance of wealth that needs to be shared with the people I love and admire and care about. I'm so grateful to be able to share some things that overflow in my life.

Stay tuned for so much more, I'm just getting started. 

xo Tiffanie



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Jessica Smithers

This all makes my heart so happy! I have watched you flourish over the years! It’s truly amazing to see and witness. Congratulations Tiffanie and the rest of the SC team! 💛

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