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All About Brazilian Waxing

All About Brazilian Waxing

You may be thinking HELL no, there's no way. may be curious about body waxing and secretly wish you could let go of your fears and book an appointment because you're tired of shaving every day and you're tired of the irritation that comes with shaving. I'm here to help you understand what a brazilian wax is, exactly what it entails and how it's no big deal. Let's dive in. 

What is a BRAZILIAN?

A brazilian is the removal of all hair in the pubic region front and back using a mixture of soft and hard wax. To get technical, this includes any and all hair around the inner thighs, mons pubis, outer labia, and around the anus. 

How does it work?

Warm wax is applied directly to the skin where it shrink wraps itself around the hair and then the wax is swiftly removed bringing the hair with it. 

Does it hurt?

Yes. All waxing comes with some form of pain due to the fact that hair is being ripped from the hair follicle. But the great news is, I have perfected my brazilian wax technique to make it as quick and as painless as possible. My same technique is used by all Sweet Cheeks Team Members as well. Our signature SC Brazilian wax is performed in 15 minutes or less. I always say, there's no point in dragging the process out!

Do you see EVERYTHING?

Yes. In order to do a proper brazilian wax, it's necessary to remove all clothing from the waist down and your Esthetician WILL see everything. But guess what? She is a professional and it's honestly not as weird as it seems.

As an Esthetician, we look at 2 main things. We look at your hair patterns and the direction they grow and we look at your skin and the best way to remove your hair without damaging your skin. I can honestly say I've done thousands of Brazilians in my 10 year career and I don't remember what anyone looks like down there, nor do I care. 

What if I'm emberrassed about my size/shape?

There's no reason to be. We are all shaped differently and we all have different anatomies. Your body size does not matter, your shape does not matter, the shape of your vulva does not matter.

This is a professional service and we as Estheticians have the utmost respect and care for our clients. Also, what happens at Sweet Cheeks stays at Sweet Cheeks. Promise.

Does waxing help with ingrown hairs?

Totally! Waxing can help alleviate ingrowns, breakouts, and irritation. If you suffer from consistent ingrown hairs, I highly recommend booking The Sweet Peach Treatment with your brazilian wax. 

How often is it done?

I recommend a consistent wax schedule every 4 - 6 weeks. Most women notice hair regrowth around week 3 and are usually ready for their next wax at week 4. Pushing past the 6 week mark will more than likely have you feeling close to how you felt before your initial wax. HAIRY. 

What should I do to prepare?

You'll want to have at least 1/4" of hair (about 2 weeks of grow out) before your first waxing appointment. If you're a daily or regular shaver, this may be hard for you but push through. The uncomfortable process is worth the end result.

You can take a couple ibuprofen about 20 - 30 minutes prior to your appointment to help with any pain and/or swelling. 

Limiting your caffeine intake the morning and or day of your appointment can also help with the pain associated with waxing. Caffeine is a pain inhibitor, so stick to water and treat yourself to a coffee or soda as a treat after your appointment is over. 

What if I get my period?

I leave this one up to you. If you happen to be on your period the day of your scheduled wax appointment, you have a couple options.

You can reschedule your wax for another day. Please keep in mind we do have a 12 hour cancellation policy. Review our policies here.

You can wear a tampon and come to your wax appointment as scheduled. We offer a quick bathroom trip immediately before your session if needed, and we have tampons and wet wipes for you as well. 

Again, we leave the decision up to you. It's totally fine with us if you come in on your period, and I promise we won't pull a tampon out 🙈. But if you don't feel comfortable, rescheduling is no big deal. 

*Please note: A wax can hurt more the week leading up to your period. An increase in hormone levels can inhibit pain levels so this may be something to keep in mind when scheduling your wax appointment. 

What should I expect after my wax?

You may feel a little tender for 24 hours post wax, especially if it's your first time. Redness and swelling will go down by the next day, but here are a few "after wax" tips.

No hot tubs or pools for 24 hours. 

Be cautious during your first shower or bath as hot water may feel EXTRA hot on tender, hairless skin.

Freshly waxed skin that lacks hair for protection is much more prone to sunburn. If you plan to be in a swimming suit or in the sun, always apply sunscreen to freshly waxed skin to prevent a sunburn.  

Any Do's or Don'ts?

Don't shave in-between wax appointments. There has to be hair in order to wax, and shaving disrupts the grow out process making hair removal more difficult. 

Do come prepared to help. I often have you help hold your skin nice and taught. The tighter the skin is, the less it pulls and the less it hurts. Don't worry about knowing what to do though, I'll guide you. 

Don't worry if you see blood spots. Pin point bleeding can be common from the hair follicle, especially for first time waxers who've never had hair removal done before, or for anyone with extra thick hair. It's common and will be gone by the time you do your post wax clean up. 

Do ask questions. We love answering any questions or concerns you may have. And if anything comes up in the days or weeks after your wax, shoot us a message. That's what we're here for!

Are you ready to schedule a Brazilian wax or do you still have questions? I'd love to chat. Leave me a comment and let's talk. 

xo Tiffanie



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