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Summer Service Specials 2022

Summer Service Specials 2022

Summer skin has a whole new meaning with our signature treatment room specials that will have you feeling smooth, rejuvenated and relaxed during the dog days of summer 🌄 Summer Service Specials are available during July and August of 2022 with a special savings attached. 

Teacher's Treat

At Sweet Cheeks, we hold our school staff close to our hearts and know how valuable they are to the children of our future. It takes a special person to  dedicate their lives to children, and we want to treat you! The Teacher's Treat is available for any teacher, educator, school staff, daycare provider or worker, school volunteer, paraprofessional, etc. We value you and your service and want to help get you prepped and ready as back to school season arrives. Reserve your appointment for the Teacher's Treat Special HERE

Signature Dermaplane Treatment and Brow Wax

This summer special combines two of our bestselling services, Dermaplane + Brow Wax & Shape. Our Sweet Cheeks Signature Glow and Go Dermaplane Treatment includes a double cleanse, dermaplane (removal of dead skin and vellous hair using a sterile scalpel blade), gentle lactic acid peel (or appropriate peel for skin type), facial massage, targeted treatment serum, eye cream, moisturizer and sun protection for face, lips, and neck. Add a brow wax that includes trim, shape, wax and tweeze and you'll leave the treatment room feeling so smooth & glowy with brows on fleek to match. Book a Glow & Go Dermaplane + Brow Wax for a combined savings. 

Brazilian + Sweet Peach Treatment

Waxing has it's perks and is 100% better than shaving, but either one can leave you with a little irritation 🙀. Plus the combination of hot sweaty skin, wet swimsuits and sun exposure can be a breeding ground for angry skin and ingrown hairs to pop up. This service special is for all of our regular bikini and brazilian waxers or anyone who suffers from ingrown hairs and irritation in your intimate area. Read the graphic below for perks of getting a Sweet Peach Treatment. Schedule a Brazilian Wax + Sweet Peach HERE

Back to School Skin: Teen Acne Treatment

Acne is common and very normal, especially for teens going through major hormone changes. Does your teen suffer from acne? We want to help him or her get their skin back to school ready with our signature Teen Acne Treatment. This treatment is suitable for all skin types, especially acne prone and problem skin. At the time of appointment, we also go over routine, do's and don'ts and help teach & instruct your teen on how to properly care for their skin at home so they not only get the most out of their treatment, but can implement healthy skincare practices that will benefit for years to come. 

Book your teen a Back to School Teen Acne Treatment now to ensure a time slot before school starts. 

 Fire & Ice Gemstone Facial 🔥❄️🔮

I've saved the best for last! This luxe facial features a mix of hot stimulating products to get oxygen and blood flow going as well as cooling menthol to reduce inflammation and swelling in the skin. We finish with a reflexology massage treatment made from special Blue Soladite Gemstone to release tension in the face, neck & décolleté and help bring calmness to your body and mind. You will be glowing from the inside out 🌟. Reserve the Fire & Ice Gemstone Facial while availability lasts. 

We'd love to hear your review on any of our Summer Service Specials! You can leave us a comment on this blog post and/or leave us a 5 star Google Review. Your reviews, comments and love is what helps keep us going and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

xo Tiffanie

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